Our new dental cleaning system Smooth Teeth offers a gentle, but at the same time thorough means to cleaning your teeth. The effect is comparable to the combined use of toothbrush and dental floss. While the focus clearly lies on the cleaning effect, the convenience of having to use only one utensil and one cleaning session will be welcomed by users. As dentists can confirm, dental enamel often gets damaged through aggressive scrubbing with a tooth-brush, while interdental regions remain insufficiently cleaned.  This is what makes Smooth Teeth ideal too, for people wearing braces.

Using Smooth Teeth is really easy and comparable to that of a water pick. The handset contains a chamber into which a cleaning tablet is placed prior to cleaning. The tablet substitutes the conventional tooth paste.

The water is pumped from the base station into the chamber containing the cleaning tablet which is dissolved in the process. The enriched water stream exits as a fine spray through the specially designed nozzle of the handset. 

The result is a gentle but effective cleaning of your teeth leaving you with the sensation of clean, smooth teeth!

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